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This community has been created in direct response to the unsatisfactory and at times inappropriate ways in which Six Apart/LiveJournal handled first the Strikethrough- and later the Boldout-centred events.

As it is evident from the user comments left to the recent news and lj_biz updates, the actions 6A/LJ has taken – or not taken – to resolve the resulting crisis have fallen short of the good service standards that customers have come to expect of LiveJournal. Being dissatisfied with the current 6A/LJ business practices, a significant number of people have declared their decision to stop the financial support of LiveJournal and terminate their paid accounts.


1. To estimate the number of people whose decision to stop paying for the LiveJournal accounts was caused by their dissatisfaction and/or disagreement with the 6A/LJ behaviour in the sequence of events that started with the Strikethrough earlier this year.

2. To estimate the number of potential LJ customers who have decided not to spend money on any LJ-related products, due their dissatisfaction and/or disagreement with the 6A/LJ behaviour during and after the Strikethrough and the Boldout incidents.

3. To provide an outlet for people to openly voice their complaints and concerns about the current and future state of LiveJournal.

4. To facilitate a dialogue between the LJ customers and the company on the possible ways of rectifying the damage that has been done during the recent events.


PAID account holders, who are NOT renewing their accounts because of the reasons outlined above, please check THIS HEAD POST.

FREE account holders can leave comments on THIS POST.

PERMANENT account holders (if you don’t have additional PAID accounts) can leave comments HERE.

(If you had an LJ account, but since deleted your journal, please leave your comment as well, mentioning your former LJ username.)

IMPORTANT: the purpose of the three above posts is to provide a “head count”. Please, refrain from answering the comments in these posts, as it will result in producing a skewed picture.

If there are any particular points you want to address or expand on, you are always welcome to make a new post in the main community.


Here is the (no doubt incomplete) list of other LJ communities that are dedicated to the thoughtful discussions of the related topics:


Your feedback on this community and other suggestions are most welcome; you can leave your comments HERE.